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 Hi My Friends,

 My name is Jason and investigating the world of the paranormal is my passion and my life.

It wasn't until my beloved Brother Peter tragically passed away in a car accident out of an unselfish act of taking his own life while saving 3 others. This was how my brother was...and this is where my journey began...

After his passing while sitting at home...I was so happy on seeing my brother appearing beside me. We chatted about many things for the next couple of weeks. It wasn't  long after that I started to feel compelled to share messages from loved ones that had passed...which took me back and threw me into an area of total mystery, excitement and passion.

Thanks for joining our website...I hope you enjoy our adventures, investigations, pictures, videos and evp's. We do not claim that of all these are of a paranormal nature...they are questionable and we prefer for you to make up your own judgements. 


Hope to hear from you all soon.


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